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“100% chocolat”

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For chocolate lovers, Sacré Willy has put together the ultimate basket ! Our 100% chocolate basket includes our Riachuelo Brazil plantation chocolate cream made in collaboration with the chocolatier Michel Cluizel, our praline chocolate cream, our dark chocolate cream, our chocolate cream on a bed of caramel and our chocolate milk drink.



The 100% chocolate basket :

  • 2 Sacrė Willy Riachuelo creams x Michel Cluizel – 250g (2x125g),
  • 2 chocolate praline creams – 250g (2x125g),
  • 2 dark chocolate creams – 250g (2x125g),
  • 1 chocolate cream on caramel bed – 125g (1x125g),
  • 1 chocolate milk drink (1x250ml)