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“100% dessert”

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WE TAKE CARE OF DESSERT! All good meals should end with a hint of sweetness and nostalgia. Our 100% dessert basket contains the very best of our desserts: vanilla rice pudding, egg cream, salted butter caramel cream, chocolate cream and mango cottage cheese. Enjoy !



The 100% dessert basket:

  • 2 Sacré Willy Vanilla rice puddings – 260g (2x130g),
  • 2 Sacré Willy egg creams – 250g (2x125g),
  • 2 Sacré Willy salted butter caramel creams – 250g (2x125g),
  • 2 Sacré Willy chocolate creams – 250g (2x125g),
  • 2 Sacré Willy mango cottage cheeses – 250g (2x125g)