Crème caramel DUO 250g (2x125g)

3,70 TTC

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We have selected a soft gourmet caramel that will turn the heads of all dessert lovers. The texture is obtained thanks to a touch of cream and egg white and iswithout doubt the most unctuous anyone has ever tasted.
The caramel bed at the bottom of the pot provides a dual intensity of flavours on the palate.

Alpine milk, Cream 22%, Caramel 19% (sugar, water, starch), Sugar, Egg, Milk powder.
Nutrition facts (per 100 g) : 875 kj/ 209 kcal
Fat : 11,1 g
Saturated fat : 6 g
Carbohydrate : 23,6 g
Sugar : 22,5 g
Protein : 3,7 g
Salt : 0,11 g