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“Pause gourmande”

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WHEN YOU NEED A SNACK: Sacré Willy is there for you! Our gourmet snack basket contains a bottle of fresh mountain milk, a coffee latte (to be drunk hot or cold), meringues, a sweet cream, vanilla cottage cheeses, plain rice pudding and chocolate creams. Our tip: dip your meringues in the sweet cream – quite a treat!



The Gourmet Snack basket :

  • 1 bottle of Sacré Willy milk – 250ml,
  • 1 bottle of Sacré Willy coffee latte – 250ml,
  • 1 box of 16 Sacré Willy meringue gondolas,
  • 1 jar of Sacré Willy sweet cream 35% – 180g,
  • 2 small Sacré Willy cream cheeses – 250g (2x125g),
  • 2 plain Sacré Willy rice puddings – 260g (2x130g),
  • 2 Sacré Willy chocolate creams – 250g (2x125g).